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Return & Refund Policy



Products can be returned within seven (7) days after received of the Products if they are incorrect, damaged or defective.

The Products are incorrect if they are not the Products that Buyer has ordered and purchased. For examples, the model, size, or colour is different from what is indicated on the Products and order summary, or there are missing items or parts inside the packaging, if the Products are found opened and used, there are absolutely NO RETURN Products such as food, appraels, undergarments, socks, and swimwear due to hygienic purposes.

The Products may be considered damaged if found so at the time of products received.


The Products may be considered defective if they not function as described by the manufacturer or Merchant’s specifications.

Conditions to be fulfilled for returned Products:

  • Buyers are advised to verify on the received products and snapshot the product pictures if found issues with the products.
  • Make the complaint online by clicking the “Complain” button next to the Order list. Fill in the reason and attached with the relevant product pictures.
  • If you do not receive any reply from the Seller within 24 hours after your complaint, contact our Customer Service immediately.
  • Pasar24 may review the case with the Seller and third party delivery partners.
  • If the Buyer’s complaint is accepted by the Seller, the Seller shall refund or replace with a new product.
  • If the Seller rejects the complaint and Cannot come to an agreement wth the Buyer, Buyer can put forward the case to Pasar24 for verification. Pasar24 shall immediately verify the case and decide on the complaint status.
  • Should it requires detailed checking by Pasar24, the Products must the be shipped back to Pasar24 within seven (7) days from the date o Products received. The returned Products must be accompanied by a Return Sheet.
  • Kindly inform our Customer Service on the Products have been shipped.
  • Upon receiving the returned Products, Pasar24 will inspect the Products and review the case accordingly with the Seller.

The Products must not have been used or installed in many manner. All SECURELY SEALED Products must not be opened, especially electronic items unless we can ascertain that they were found defective at the time of opening.

Products purchased as part of a set or multi-item pack must be returned as whole set.

Only if the returned Products meet the condition above, and passes the review and inspection pricess. Pasar24 will advise Buyers on replacement Products or the refund process. If Buyers are not eligible for the refund, the returned Products will be shipped back to Buyers.

However, if refund is allowed and the Products initially were purchased using a Pasar24 Marketplace promotion Code or Pasar24 Cash Voucher, Pasar24 Marketplace reserves the right to subtract the proportional amount of the Promotion Code or Pasar24 Cash Voucher amount from the refund amount and the shipping charges shall be adjusted with the refund amount proportionately.

If the Products are covered by a warranty, the Buyers may contact the relevant warranty center or a sevice provider for assistance.

To seek for a return of Products, please email to Pasar24 Customer Service at [email protected] or call us at 019-881 3000


Refund can be processed in case od return or cancellation. All refunds will be credited into your Account Balance with Pasar24.

You will be able to see the credited amount on your Account Balance statement upon successful of refund. You may use this Account Balance for your next purchase at Pasar24.

Note: Any postage fee incurred during the returns, please send us your postage fee with receipt for us to refund to you.

Depending on how the Buyers paid for thr Products, buyers will be offered an oppropriate made of refund. Buyers maybe required to provide additional information to effect the refund.