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Del Monte Sweetend Pineapple 240ml




Life gets better with every sip of this refreshing tropical drink! Enjoy a can of Del Monte Sweetened Pineapple Juice Drink today! Available in the following sizes: 240mL, 1.36L cans, 1L tetra.



Nothing can be more rejuvenating than taking sip from a glass full of delicious juice. To keep your body cool and to quench your thirst, Del Monte has brought refreshing range of fruit juices in many exciting flavours and the pineapple juice is one of them.

This fruit drink is made from the pulp of real pineapples so that the end-users can savour pineapples in the true sense and they also never have to think twice about the purity of the product. This Del Monte juice not just offers the juicy flavour and rich taste of the pineapples, the consumption of this beverage can incur many health benefits as well. This beverage is naturally fat free and thus every age group can take it without worrying. Most importantly, the pineapple juice is bounteous with antioxidants as well with vitamin C that can take care of many dysfunctions in our body. The product is also packaged well and comes in an aesthetically looking can that is not just visually appealing but also very convenient for usage. The can is apt for mobile usage so that one can sip it any where any time and hence is perfectly in tune with the needs of our present life. Further, it has varied usage purpose as the juice can make smoothies, mocktails or fruit punches.

Nutrition Facts
The juice has a number of important nutrients loaded in it like potassium, vitamin C and also has a rich amount of carbohydrate that is vital to remain energised throughout the day. In every 240 ml, the Del Monte pineapple juice can yield 133 Kcal of energy, 0.2 g of protein, 34.2 g of carbohydrate, 9.3 mg of sodium, 72.7 mg of potassium and 107.8 mg of vitamin C.